AM Health welcomes you to its website. We are excited to share with you and offer you all the information you are looking for. Our nutritional supplements and foods that help you to better health. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!


AM HEALTH founded in 2006 by experienced executives of the area of food supplements and quickly spread to the Greek market representing major companies. It also has its own line of the Smile series that has been recognized for its quality.


Read several articles depending on the category you are interested in health issues and the beneficial effect of dietary supplements on it.


Nutritional supplements are superior as manufactured in factories in europe and the raw materials are the best and meet all necessary requirements. Our food is highly nutritious.


The consistently high quality of our products is the only way to maintain and strengthen the daily trust of customers and our consumers. It results Knowledge and Creative Inspiration, having secured a prominent position, both in the consumer heart and on the market.

At the edge

AM Health always has products at the cutting edge of technology and new scientific discoveries, constantly renewing its range, always offering quality to customers.


The scientific department of the company is ready to assist both specialized requests for information (on doctors, pharmacists, etc.) and ordinary consumers. The products distribution segment already in the No.1 position based delivery times and service efficiency.


We provide training to all our associates for everything need to know the health professional for proper consumption of dietary supplements in order to best desired results without risks.

Professional Group

The Human Resources of AM Health is the most important capital of the most powerful competitive advantage by requiring flexibility, sensitivity and care towards the customer.

Private Label Supplements

AM Health exception of products produced on its behalf and under its own brand names, active in the production of private label products on behalf of partners with several advantages.

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